The Report

Extreme Tournament Summer Slam Part 1, 2014

Rob and I both were just a few ounces away from being in the running. Out of 117 anglers Rob and I both felt happy to be 1 of 8 to bring in a fish to the stage.

Michael Wood was the big winner in Saturday’s Extreme Kayak Fishing Summer Slam Part 1 tournament out of Pompano Beach, but top junior angler Hunter Irvine might have had the most exciting catch.

Wood, who fishes on the saltwater tournament team Pennyless, caught two kingfish weighing a total of 26.4 pounds to win $3,500.00

Mini Season Night Dive

Rob and I managed to make it out to one of our favorite lobster spots between our busy schedules and work. We got to the beach as the sun was just starting to set and began getting our gear ready. Lights in hand we headed out not sure what to expect. There had been reports of people coming home with 3-4 diving all day and others limiting out. We paddled to one of our favorite spots that rarely sees any boats or other kayakers. Once we were in the water we came across a random tire right away that produced 3 keepers.

July 4th Dania Beach!

Livinthedream and I headed offshore a little late. Kellan hooked up immediately with a nice Jumbo, after a few bobo's and a shark I got me a nice little king. Green water, no weeds and a nice north current today. Beach still loaded with small bait and lots of bluefish shallow. Catch em up.

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Black & Gold Tuna Time

Kellan, Brandon, and I met up later than usual. I heard a little rumor and confirmed.. THE BEACH IS LOADED WITH BAIT.. shhh keep it to urself.. After weeding through the little guys I found some medium sized baits and blacked out the 3 buckets... We stopped at the first weed line and set up a spread, soon after the bobo's came for a visit.. shortly after I hear a big splash and Brandon's line starts peeling. Never saw a spinner shark take flight quite like this, it was pretty impressive. I still cant believe it ate a pilchard.


Went out with my rod sponsor today (and forum Brother) Adrenaline Rods. They hand build some bad ass custom rods. Pics coming soon. So anyways I wanted test them out and what's a better way than landing a nice little wahoo..

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1st Bahamas EKFT Tournament 2014!!!

Marlin, Marlin, Marlin: Battle of the Bahamas Delivers Extremes
By Chris Holmes

“Marlin, marlin, marlin,” crackled over the radio an hour into day two of the Extreme Battle in the Bahamas kayak fishing tournament. Instantaneously, the hair on the necks of the 32 other anglers rose. Could it happen to them too? Each gained a heightened awareness of their bait or lure and there was no doubt that this kayak tournament was “Extreme.”

Boynton Drift 1st SAILFISH

Doug and I met up with new client and Paul at Gulfstream Park. It was a late start as we made our way out and met up with Extreme Baits (THANKS CHUCKD FOR THE HOOK UP) and loaded up the live well and found a nice rip in 60 ft. As soon as the first gog hit the water it got smashed. Sleigh ride time! After a little while his 60lb braid popped . Re tied, put a new gog on and we continued to troll out. Shortly after air show, sail on! After grabbing some great footage the sail was released. Also saw a Sub out in Boynton today, I guess its not only Dania.

Dania Lobster & Spear Dive

Today I headed out with two great guys. Mike his friend Chris and their two families came down from Central Florida for a day of spearfishing and lobstering. We launched around 130 and headed to a spot I dove a few days prior and had seen numerous lobster. We had just made it to the reef and Chris had already spotted our 1st lobster for the day! After putting that lobster in the bag we were on to the next. After missing a few and putting 3 more in the bag it was already time to come up. It was a day that you just wanted to stay down forever. Turned out to be a great trip!

First trip offshore, and landed a SailFish, Dania Beach

Took Brandon on a charter for his first offshore excursion, We got to the beach and the wind was howling , Brandon looked at me and said oh well we are here lest do it. So off we went through the surf and slop. We set a spread moderately shallow and slowed trolled some live baits out to deeper water. The deeper we went the sloppier the seas got. I was really thinking of calling it since it was Brandon's first deep water outing, I didnt want him to have a sketchy trip. But before I could zzzzz air show. Brandon handled his own he landed his first beautiful sail and a king.

Rob's slob Cobia!

Hit it up with FranktheTank, aka the big bonita slayer ... Scattered weed made it tuff to troll, made our way out to deeper water and got a few nibbles.. Today was a good day I finally landed my first kayak cobia this beast ran me through the wringer, what a fight even getting the pig in the cooler bag was a struggle after we finally bag the slob I decided to call it early.