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Client lands stud Wahoo!!!

South Florida Kayak Guide Jon V. took a client out today and landed this stud wahoo! After weeks of wind and weather the guys got out and made it happen! Not only a stud Wahoo, this was the first kayak fish for this client! Excellent job! See more pictures at Instagram, Facebook and our gallery.

Trevor lands first kayak king!

Trevor booked in a full charter with us and the fishing didn't disappoint! He took home this nice king on his first offshore kayak trip! See more pictures on Instagram, Facebook and our gallery.

Extreme Tournament Summer Series Part 1

Rob Takes 5th in Extreme Summer Series Part 1!

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New winners steal the show in the Summer Slam Part 1
By Steve Waters Sun Sentinel

Tunas and Kingfish were the catch of the day for the 117 kayak anglers who competed in Extreme Kayak Fishing's Summer Slam Part 1 tournament out of Pompano Beach.

Rich from NY smashing jumbo blackfins!

Richard found us online all the way up in the cold waters of NY. He booked several trips with us and on his first trip out landed this stud blackfin. Most of us have to wait forever to land a big blackfin... He got it done on his first trip out! Thanks again Rich! We will see you soon on your next trip south! See more pictures on Instagram, Facebook and our gallery.

Tampa client gets his first kayak kingfish!

Had a client drive down from Tampa, FL to enjoy a nice day offshore on the kayak. He landed his first kayak caught kingfish! See more pictures on Instagram, Facebook and our gallery.

Nolan Smashes 5 Jumbo Tuna's!

Had a client that scheduled a kayak trip in Hawaii but last minute bad weather sent him our way to South Florida! He smashed it, landing 5 jumbo Blackfins today! Awesome job! Check out more pictures at Instagram, Facebook and our gallery.

Pennsylvania boys fill the fish bag!

We had two returning clients from PA drive down to meet us for a trip offshore. We met at the beach early and were greeted with calm seas and light winds to start the day. After we setup and discussed the game plan we launched and met up with Ken with Extreme Baits on the water. All I can say is Ken has spoiled us delivering the freshest bait on the water. It was pretty obvious the day was looking fishy. The wind started to pick up a little, weeds in the water and a nice pronounced color change. We found kings early on and after several hook ups we released one and kept one and moved on.

2016 Sailfish Smack Down Results!

2016 Sailfish Smack Down Recap

Congrats to Austin and Rob for their 1st and 5th place finishes!

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Written by: Steve Waters

Losing a sailfish close to the boat is one of the worst things that can happen to a tournament angler, but Austin Collins didn't lose hope.

It took 24 hours for Collins, who remained patient and positive, to get another chance and he made the most of it, catching a sailfish Sunday afternoon to win the Extreme Kayak Fishing Tournament Sailfish Smack Down out of Pompano Beach.

SharkZen Lobster Article by Kellan Goertemiller

Written by Kellan Goertemiller

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JimyJigs Article by Rob Rodriguez

An Introduction to Vertical Jigging
By Robinson Rodriguez

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Get started by selecting the right vertical jigging rod. Parabolic rods (Vertical Jigging Rods) are specialized jigging rods that are small, light yet strong, select a rod with a “springy” tip. Most use short 5'0'' I like longer rods 6'4" to 6'6". Jigging rods are rated by jig size/gram wt.