Offshore Kayak Fishing

Another great day off Boynton Beach!

Today we had a fun couple from NY join us. We were greeted with great conditions as we headed out from the beach. The seas were calm but the kingfish were not! We had multiple hook ups and ended the day bringing back kings and enjoying the gorgeous South Florida day!

Pennsylvania boys fill the fish bag!

We had two returning clients from PA drive down to meet us for a trip offshore. We met at the beach early and were greeted with calm seas and light winds to start the day. After we setup and discussed the game plan we launched and met up with Ken with Extreme Baits on the water. All I can say is Ken has spoiled us delivering the freshest bait on the water. It was pretty obvious the day was looking fishy. The wind started to pick up a little, weeds in the water and a nice pronounced color change. We found kings early on and after several hook ups we released one and kept one and moved on.

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