Lobster season is open!

Had a returning customer call us from NY and book a lobster trip for him and his wife. Couldnt have asked for a better couple to spend the day with. We met at one of our favorite dive locations to setup for the day and go over some lobster and spear techniques. After everyone was ready we paddled out for what turned out to be an action packed first dive! Lobster, Hogs, and Grouper all came home for dinner thanks to quick hands and good luck of two great divers. We headed in to grab a second tank and get back in the action.

Dania Lobster & Spear Dive

Today I headed out with two great guys. Mike his friend Chris and their two families came down from Central Florida for a day of spearfishing and lobstering. We launched around 130 and headed to a spot I dove a few days prior and had seen numerous lobster. We had just made it to the reef and Chris had already spotted our 1st lobster for the day! After putting that lobster in the bag we were on to the next. After missing a few and putting 3 more in the bag it was already time to come up. It was a day that you just wanted to stay down forever. Turned out to be a great trip!

Dania Lobster Dive!

Headed out around 1030 am with Jimmy and Rob to get some video with the new gopro dive housing. I took the guys to a spot I had located last year that looked promising. We were greeted with great weather and flat seas. The visibility was mediocre but we still managed to capture some nice video! We saw an abundance of various reef fish and lobster. It was lobster dinner for everyone! Enjoy the video!

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