Sailfish time!

Had two clients out today and we got lucky with the weather. After days of blowing wind and watching the weather, we caught it on a nice calm day. We had a double sail hookup and landed both! To top it off we had a nice kingfish bite! After a few cutoffs and a few landed we called it quits and cruised in. Great day on the water!

Another great day off Boynton Beach!

Today we had a fun couple from NY join us. We were greeted with great conditions as we headed out from the beach. The seas were calm but the kingfish were not! We had multiple hook ups and ended the day bringing back kings and enjoying the gorgeous South Florida day!

Boynton Drift 1st SAILFISH

Doug and I met up with new client and Paul at Gulfstream Park. It was a late start as we made our way out and met up with Extreme Baits (THANKS CHUCKD FOR THE HOOK UP) and loaded up the live well and found a nice rip in 60 ft. As soon as the first gog hit the water it got smashed. Sleigh ride time! After a little while his 60lb braid popped . Re tied, put a new gog on and we continued to troll out. Shortly after air show, sail on! After grabbing some great footage the sail was released. Also saw a Sub out in Boynton today, I guess its not only Dania.

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