Lobster season is open!

Had a returning customer call us from NY and book a lobster trip for him and his wife. Couldnt have asked for a better couple to spend the day with. We met at one of our favorite dive locations to setup for the day and go over some lobster and spear techniques. After everyone was ready we paddled out for what turned out to be an action packed first dive! Lobster, Hogs, and Grouper all came home for dinner thanks to quick hands and good luck of two great divers. We headed in to grab a second tank and get back in the action. After searching for a good spot we noticed the current had picked up and settled on a larger reef to dive near to duck out of the current. We picked up a few more and noticed several with eggs and a few shorts. Nonetheless it kept our day busy and fun. Thanks again guys, we had a blast and hope to see you guys soon! See more pictures on Instagram, Facebook and our gallery.